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Are you looking to improve your backyard with a transformational patio design?  Whether it is summer, winter, spring or any other season, we often love to stay under the sky and have the touch of nature. We all love to have a space of outdoor living where we can see the birds chirping beside the trees or enjoy rainy days in the hot summer months.

At Deckrete, we know the patio is the integration of a pairing decor and other elements where you can feel comfortable while being connected to the rest of your space. If you have covered extra square footage outside your house, you can invest in the expansion of the house or the project and may bring a small patio to your beautiful house. Here are the five tips for cozy outdoor living and patio designs.

Pool Deck Design

1) Curate a Comfortable Patio with Durable Seating

You may or may not have any choice because you will make a patio in that small portion of your house that you have left within the outside space. First, look for the furniture that may help you design a small, cozy and comfortable patio outside your house.

Whether you choose benches, chairs or sectional parts, furniture should be comfortable for you. Second, look for the quality that you should keep the same. Already you are going to put your furniture in an open area, so the quality needs to be at its best. Third, look for a fabric material that is weather-resistant and can cover your furniture in the off-season.

If you are looking for a comfortable patio, why not convert the patio into a small, comfortable room with no roof in the spring or autumn season? You may set up different areas for different space requirements – one for the bar, one for the dining and one for the lounging. This will maximize your area and will add beauty to your house. You can also contact the patio installers to have the consultation and then install your favorable design.

2) Cozy Design Additions: Enhance Comfort with Pillows

Besides furniture, you need to take care of your extreme comfort. Do not forget about the squish pillows, which can enhance your interest and the mood to stay outside for a long.

Again, you should try fabric that is water-resistant or weather-resistant. If you are thinking about a patio that you can set up at night, you will have to add some blankets to it. Make sure that you have indoor storage for those blankets.

Why not have a patio outside your house, even in the winter season? You can install an outdoor fireplace and still enjoy the winter breeze, staying cozy and warm with extra blankets.

In your patio space, you can also add a kitchen and can spend quality time with your friends and family. You can have deep frying and cooking activities — that is a great way to attract your neighbors.

An outdoor kitchen will avoid smelly and smoky fumes in your house, plus you will get a small space to have your favorite part of the day!

3) Define Your Space with an Outdoor Rug

A rug will cover the floor, and it will add texture, color, and pattern to the whole patio design. With this, you won’t have to worry in summer or winter and take care of your feet or even if you have children in your house.

If you are addicted to some classy designs like the old concrete one, you can add a small portion of the fireplace. It will give a modern, clean and easy look to your patio. Plus, the concrete will stay persistent and durable for the whole year. A patio installer will help you achieve your unique patterns and designs for the concrete fireplaces or the stands you want to make for your small kitchen area or balconies.

And if you are not in favor of having bricks in your house for better warmth, you can add rugs and carpets.

4) Beat the Heat: Install a Ceiling Fan

You won’t feel any heat in winter, autumn or even in spring seasons, but what about the hot summer days?

It will become miserable to stay outside on the patio with no fans. To avoid sweating and the heat of summer days, you can add a statement fixture like a ceiling fan, industrial fan, or any other fan that may go perfectly with your patio design.

The fan inside the patio will soothe your skin, provide you with a cooling effect, help you reduce the temperature and beat the heat to stay comfortable in the small outside nature’s place or corner.

If you like having greenery outside your house and it is where you are going to establish a patio for yourself, you can try having a patio covered with a roof or tent. This roof will protect you from insects and the grassy itching. The air will flow year-round, and you can stay close to your tents or curtains in the small patio corner.

5) Nature’s Touch: Incorporating Natural Design Elements

If you are the kind of personality who loves to stay in nature’s womb, you can try having a patio with bamboo, leafy foliage or even a succulent-based centerpiece on a table. You can also add aromatic plants like roses, versatile plants, and colorful or flowery plants, which can add beauty to your small space. You can always have a space with plants and flowers on the table to make things seamless in the cool and breezy environment.

Since your patio will be outside, covering cement and bricks where you may have chances to attract insects and other animals like dogs or cats, you can have protection on your side. To protect yourself from too hot summer days or too much rain, you can add a temporary pergola with retractable shades. It will be ideal for the days when you want to enjoy the nights with your family under the stars.


If you are thinking of having the concrete in your house with beautifully painted and cracked walls, you can contact Deckrete. We help you beautify your house and the outdoor areas. Imagine yourself sitting around the small patio portions or the balconies designed with classy or stainless steel details. You can have a pool deck, balconies, patio, or anywhere there is concrete.

We are concrete resurfacing service providers for all types of products, houses, artists and the economical places available. If you are not happy with your concrete restoration, we will make it up to your desires. It can help you with extreme winter seasons and heavy rainfall. So, you will get waterproofing available at your doorsteps to let your loved ones enjoy the weather.