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Pool Deck Installation

One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a decorative concrete pool deck—an inviting, multipurpose area surrounding the pool where people can entertain, sunbathe or just hang out when they aren’t doing the backstroke.

According to statistics from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, we actually spend more time on our pool decks than in the pool itself. Of the 7.5 million or so people in the continental U.S. who own pools and decks, only 24 percent use them primarily for swimming. That makes the pool deck even more essential as an element in swimming pool design.

Deckrete Concrete Resurfacing has opened the door to creating swimming pool decks that complement the exterior of the home, meld with the outdoor environment, and replicate traditionally more expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood. Pools and decks are becoming more specialized with a stronger emphasis on aesthetics, transforming the pool and backyard area into a mini resort with lighting, sound systems, spas, waterfalls and fountains.

Today’s space-challenged backyards have also led to a trend in smaller swimming pools, enhanced by leisure areas that extend the indoor living space. While a pool deck may essentially look and function like a patio, it has unique requirements for slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation. Call our team for guidelines to designing a concrete pool deck that suits almost any setting, budget and lifestyle, whether you want to entertain, keep cool, exercise or create a peaceful water-themed oasis.

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Styles and Finishes

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to deck design, including materials, colors, and finishes. Whether you prefer the natural look of wood or the durability and low maintenance of composite materials, we can help you find the perfect solution for your space. In addition to design, we also specialize in deck finishes that protect your investment and enhance the appearance of your deck. We offer a variety of finishes, including stains and sealants, that not only provide protection against weather and wear but also add to the overall aesthetic of your deck.

Wood-Style Deck

Wood-imitating concrete pool decks and basic concrete decks are both popular options for creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Wood-imitating concrete pool decks provide the look and feel of real wood without the maintenance and durability concerns. Our team of experts can design and build a custom wood-imitating concrete pool deck that complements your outdoor space and meets your specific needs and style preferences.

Concrete Pool Decks

Basic concrete decks are a classic and durable option for outdoor areas, including pool decks, patios, and walkways. Our team of experts can create a custom basic concrete deck that not only looks great but also provides a functional and durable surface for your outdoor activities. We offer a variety of finishes and designs to choose from, so you can customize your basic concrete deck to match your style and complement your outdoor space.
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