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Staining concrete is one of the most popular applications for transforming concrete slabs. Often referred to as colored concrete, homeowners, designers and builders are drawn to stained concrete because of the unique outcome that can be achieved combining colors, applications techniques on cement flooring. The results are limited only  by the creativity of those involved in the stained concrete process.

Because of concrete’s porous qualities and neutral tone, it is the perfect blank canvas for topically applied colors. using acid-based chemical a rich, earth-toned color scheme resembling natural stone, marble, wood or even leather, giving a completely custom look to cement floors, concrete driveways, patios, walkways, pool, decks, concrete walls and more.

How Does Stained Concrete Works: Generally, there are two categories of concrete stains – reactive and nonreactive. A Chemical reaction takes place causing the stain to forming a permanent bond with the concrete that won’t chip off or peel away.

What’s Unique About Stained Concrete: Concrete stains are more than simply adding color. Rather than produce a solid, opaque effect like paint or colored coating, stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep¬† translucent tones.

Typical Colors:

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